Sunday, December 27, 2009


This year, I went on Holiday to Steamboat with my fiancé and his family: his father and mother, sister, and her boyfriend. We were excited to host my fiancé's family this year in our current home state of Colorado. We stayed at the Village at Steamboat for a full week and it was one of the best vacations ever.

Steamboat Springs was already white with snow upon arrival and we got about foot of snow total throughout the week. We hit the mountains (most of us snowboarding, the parents are skiiers) every day except travel days and Christmas... I look a refresher lesson as I hadn't been on the mountain in two years. Did I mention EVERY person who worked on the mountain or in town - they were all so laid back! It was absolutely refreshing.

Snowboarding and skiing the hills made up most of our vacation. We were also lucky enough to go NIGHT TUBING and hit the Strawberry Park HOT Springs. One of our most interesting activities occurred Christmas Eve. We took the gondola to the top of the mountain and from there took a SLEIGH RIDE to our Christmas Eve dinner. Ragnar's Snowcat Sleigh Ride Dinner was unforgettable, delicious, and different from anything else I had done on Christmas Eve!! The sleigh ride gave us fabulous views of the ski town at night and the dinner was awesome! That evening gave us a different taste of the city. The weather was in the negatives but we were in the company of loved ones and warm blankets... This all made the trip worth it!

We also happened to be in town during the Mogul and Aerial Olympic Trials. We attended both events on the mountain - you either had to hike up or snowboard/ski down to get there. It was breathtaking to see these athletes work their magic on the powder. Please visit this link for more information on these events!

How can one say no to a "no worries" Ski Town with miles and miles of Champagne Powder ?! We are so glad we said yes! Don't forget to hit up a hot tub to soothe your muscles after a long day on the slopes!  I will be adding more photos of our trip as I download them. Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


During these crazy days... the holidays - the deadlines - the traveling... I have learned how essential "me" time is. I have found this time in yoga and in running... but moreso in yoga because of the crazy cold weather we are having! These are the times when I am able to reflect on my week and on my life. Yoga brings me to the present as it should, but it also allows me to just let go. It lifts the weight off my shoulders, and I just breathe in the present.

This practice brings clarity and awareness into my life... I follow my breath and weave it into my movement and the world melts away. My gaze is soft and my body is light yet grounded into the earth. I dedicate my practice to whoever I feel needs a prayer or a little faith in their life. I open up my heart and let it shine. As I gaze out I am really gazing into my own being.

Iparsva Bakasana (Side Crow) has become my favorite pose. When I get it - I am balanced to the point where I know everything is just right for a few moments. This balance is not just a literal form. This balance I am speaking of is "balancing life". Seek out balance in your life - whether it is through yoga or some other form... You will learn that anything is possible! Yoga uplifts me from this crazy depression I fall into during these cold winter days. If you experience this when things start to get dreary and chilly, you probably know what I mean.

I leave my practice out into the cold weather and my heart is warm and I am glowing. The snow can fall. The freezing wind may blow...but my heart is warm and I am glowing.
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