Friday, August 31, 2012


Weather permitting, we are heading to the beach on Sunday!! What better way to say "hello" to September ?! I have been landlocked for a while, so this should be exhilarating!

We may be headed to Little Talbot Island State Park, north of Jacksonville. Here are some images I have pulled together from the internet so we can get excited!! :)

It Begins...

So, college football is officially on!! I am pretty excited we are living in a town where this is all the rage! And we don't have have to travel too far to feel the love :)

We are going to Auburn for at least one game this season - Texas A&M, the newest addition to the SEC. Other than that, the Georgia game is on our minds as a possibility, but we shall see how the season goes.

Justin did score tickets for us to attend the UF :: Bowling Green game tomorrow afternoon. I have only been in the stadium as of late to RUN stadiums. I am excited to be a spectator!

This weekend, my sister D and her boyfriend are coming into town. We are going to the ArtWalk this evening, which should be a fun time. Tomorrow I teach a 90 minute yoga class in the morning, and I will meet everyone to tailgate afterwards. Kick off is at 3 and then my beloved Auburn Tigers play at 5PM central time ... SO UNBELIEVABLY PSYCHED!!

Auburn plays Clemson tomorrow ... Tigers versus tigers in the Georgia Dome. It will be a true blue game, all AU fans wear blue and Clemson wears orange!! I will definitely be sporting blue tomorrow!! :)

Here is one of my FAVORITE quotes about Auburn by Housel. I always like to revisit it before the start of the season...

What is Auburn? 
Far be it from me to try to answer that question. There are as many definitions of Auburn as there are Auburn men and women.
It would be safe to say, however, that Auburn is much more than a football game. It is much more than winning and losing.
It is a spirit. It is an attitude. It is a way of looking at life and at one another. It is, almost, a way of living. Unless you have experienced it, you will never know what it is; you will never understand it. Once you have experienced it, you will never be the same. A part of you will, forevermore, be an Auburn man or an Auburn woman.
-David Housel


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Baking Fun

This evening we are hosting Justin's uncle and his girlfriend for dinner. I am in charge of dessert and I will be revisiting a recipe favorite this afternoon - Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Blondies. Justin will be making homemade ice cream to go on top... I was thinking cinnamon ice cream would be super yum addition, I shall see what he decides!

Xo from the kitchen!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What the Focus

In September, I will be participating in the What the Focus 30-day photo challenge by Lululemon on Instagram; details may be found here. What better way to get creative and remain inspired through beautiful images ?! I will be sure to post updates here as we get closer to my favorite season - fall!

Let me know if you decide to participate!!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Run Run Run

I was researching races in the the North Florida area this morning and came across the 2012 Tom Walker Memorial Half Marathon! This one is in Gainesville, December 1st!! This is pretty perfect timing-wise because it is officially 16 weeks until race day, and I really need 12 weeks to train. Now I have more time to build my strength, speed, and endurance for this one without worrying too much about time.

Another positive on this race - it is an out and back on Hawthorne Trail. No car fumes around to mess with my running!!! :) I also found that the cost of the race is wonderful compared to past halfs which have cost close to $100! Race is anywhere from $25-$35!! AWESOME!

This will be my third half marathon! So excited to get back into the groove!

Do you have anything you would like to do this fall ... any goals or cool milestones you are wishing to meet?


Monday, August 27, 2012

Stormy Weather

Happy Monday! As the rain pours and the wind howls due to Tropical Storm Isaac, I enjoy our apartment ... cleaning, reading, job applying, hand standing, etc. If you were to ask what I am excited about right now, in this moment... I would tell you "College Football." We are tailgating in Gainesville on Saturday since Justin has inherited a great spot from his friends at work ... My sister and her boyfriend are coming into town to stay with us and fun is to be had!!

I have been thinking a lot about what I am going to serve at the tailgate. I always wonder why tailgates aren't healthy. I am not saying we need to munch on carrots all afternoon, but I am going to add a touch of health to this Saturday's tailgate. People can bring and eat whatever they want, right ? I know I will indulge slightly, but wouldn't it be great to have healthy options, too ? :)

Fruit Kabobs with Greek Yogurt Honey Dip ... Fruit can always be changed per what is in season. (via SkinnyTaste)

Guacamole ... May add cilantro to this one, but looks incredible! (via EatLiveRun)

Peach Mozzarella and Basil Salad ... Excited for this twist on a classic caprese! (via Keep it Simple Foods)

Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers ... Throw it on the grill, like anything else! I love black bean burgers as well, sweet potato will be new for me in the kitchen this week! (via Healthy Happy Life

Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Coconut Cookies ... Sweet Disposition! Maybe I should call them PBCBCC's ?!  These cookies are Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, and Egg-Free. (via The Family Kitchen)


Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Friday!

Here is a quote / image I just adore about SEIZING the DAY!! Happy Friday!!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

To Sugar Snap Peas and New Surroundings!

After being in Gainesville for about 3 weeks, I am currently searching for a full time job and working to stay healthy - eat well, sweat once a day, and read a bunch to keep a healthy brain!!

So, why not update the blog ?!
We are living downtown, just 15 blocks from campus (a 15 minute walk or a less than 10 minute run!) and adjacent to the Hippodrome "the Hipp" theatre, eateries, coffee shops, vintage shops... surrounded lots of neat, eclectic stuff!
We have finally finished unpacking and I am just working on a few projects around the apartment. For the most part, everything is done though, so it is feeling like home more and more each day.
I am terribly missing Colorado!! Definitely thinking about all of the aspens changing color for fall! In order to "replace" that change in season, Justin and I will be in Virginia at the end of September for his 10 year high school reunion. This is best time to see fall in Virginia, so I am super excited! Justin always says that even Colorado didn't show him FALL the way he grew up with it... So, bring it on Virginia!!!

I have really been trying to focus on whole food eating. Non-processed, preservative-free, GMO-free food. Food that is full of loveliness - in its natural form! This morning I have been snacking on raw sugar snap peas!! These are so fun to snack on! They crunch, they are tasty even without adding sodium!! Here are 5 fun blogger recipes I have found with Sugar Snap Peas...
4. Snap Pea and Shrimp Curry Recipe from Eating Well (I would sub the canola oil for Coconut Oil.)


Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello, Next Adventure

We have finally made it to Gainesville, FL - our new home.

On the way from Colorado, we stopped in...
Columbia, Missouri :: for sleep
Nashville, Tennessee :: for college roommate reunions
Birmingham, Alabama :: for lunch with college friends
Auburn, Alabama :: for family fun

As of tonight, I have 6 yoga classes I am subbing starting this Saturday until the following Sunday ... Whoohoo! Sooo excited to share my yoga instruction with the Southeast!!

We are happy to finally be in FL.
Staying in a hotel until we move in Saturday;
so you can say it will probably not feel real for a few days longer...

Sweet Dreams from the Sunshine State...

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