Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello, Next Adventure

We have finally made it to Gainesville, FL - our new home.

On the way from Colorado, we stopped in...
Columbia, Missouri :: for sleep
Nashville, Tennessee :: for college roommate reunions
Birmingham, Alabama :: for lunch with college friends
Auburn, Alabama :: for family fun

As of tonight, I have 6 yoga classes I am subbing starting this Saturday until the following Sunday ... Whoohoo! Sooo excited to share my yoga instruction with the Southeast!!

We are happy to finally be in FL.
Staying in a hotel until we move in Saturday;
so you can say it will probably not feel real for a few days longer...

Sweet Dreams from the Sunshine State...


  1. Glad you guys made in safely! Hope you get to see you two sometime this fall at a football game in Auburn.

  2. That would be wonderful!! Which games are you planning to attend ?! Xo


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