Saturday, December 31, 2011

Countdown to 2012: Sequins Encouraged

I cannot believe the year is ending in a matter of hours. Can you ?
This year has been full of many things... good and bad.
I am ready to leave it behind and leap into 2012 head first, but not without forgetting what I have learned.
I invite you to enjoy these last remaining hours of 2011.
What will you take with you, what will you leave behind ?

I will take with me....
...the love and continuous words of encouragement from my friends and family.
...great memories of my father and uncle who I lost this year. 
...all of the joys brought into this world - all of the friends who have added to their beautiful families this year. found yoga awareness and knowledge, friendships, gratitude, confidence... There will always be so much to learn; and so much to teach. 
...the culture, the memories, the history, the friendships made from my experiences in Israel, Greece, and Turkey.
...gymnastics body awareness... I am loving this practice since I began in the summer. Yoga isn't the only thing or the only way; this new knowledge helps keep my mind open and my body surprised!
...a continuous love of photography... capturing memories and beautiful moments.
...a greater understanding to never judge anyone as we never truly understand what any person is going through.

Whether you are attending a New Year's Eve party full of glitter or staying home with loved ones, enjoying the last hours of 2011 by a glowing fire, allow yourself to sit back and take in all that you have learned, all that you have become in 2011...

Happy New Year with
Light, Love & Gratitude !!

**above photo taken at Busch Gardens, December 2011 by me**

Friday, December 30, 2011

Yoga Laughs

So, I was in great need of some giggles today, and this YouTube video has me cracking up... If you practice or teach yoga, hopefully you find it funny, too! It is not meant to poke fun or make fun of is a merely here for general giggles :)


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice reminds me that we are entering days filled with increasing light. How beautiful is that ? Celebrating Hanukkah during the Solstice reminds me how important it is to have light our hearts no matter how we are feeling...The light will always be there for us to hold on to, even in these dark days of wintertime.

Celebrate the light, celebrate the dark :) For the light would go unnoticed if there wasn't darkness after all.

Happy Solstice / Happy Chanukkah!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday Night
Secret Yogi party at mi casa with 9 fellow yoga friends / teachers. I made my brownie pops, we exchanged gifts over yummy food, fine, and lovely conversation... We partied till midnight :) Fun times with really wonderful people.

Saturday Morning
Gymnastics at Qi with the husband and friends... I am becoming more and more comfortable in this class. Still sore, but I love it!!

Saturday Lunch
Pho with Justin and Rokha at our favorite pho place in Denver. It's a Saturday tradition pho sho...

Saturday Afternoon
Free for all... Chilled out after a crazy week!!

Saturday Night
We went to Ashley's (yogi friend) birthday party... Rock Theme... I was channelling my inner Blondie, sans blonde hair! We danced, I drank a total of one half of beer, and we practiced yoga... Good times :)

Worked a bit. Blah... It's nice to be back home now hanging out with my boys before the short work week begins!! 

Hope you had an Amazing weekend,

Saturday, December 17, 2011

How Wonderful It Is...

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." - Anne Frank

Saturday, December 10, 2011

What do you want for the holidays ?

It's a simple question.
But ... Is there a simple answer?

Just weeks ago many people were frantic to get in line to be the first to buy discounted flat screens... the newest gadgets, clothing on sale... In fact now we have two "holidays" when this occurs: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Our society is filled with the idea that we need things and more things to fill us up. I am convinced this certainly cannot be true, and we do not need to believe this silly notion. It is OK to want to want something for Christmas - nothing wrong with it. But remembering the reason behind WHY we are happy, I don't want this to be forgotten :)

To me, it is the relationships, the people, our families, unique experiences, goals achieved, dreams come true ... this is the stuff, the untouchable "things" that make a happy life.

So, I invite you to ask yourself one more time ... What do you want for Chanukkah or Christmas this year?
Make this your intention for December.. Pray for it, breathe it in... 
I wish for...
1. family and friends to be healthy, happy, and safe.
2. husband to be guided in making the right decision.
3. ...Baci my pup to have a new friend... maybe in 2012, we'll see ?
4. yoga friends to continue to follow their dreams.
5. youngest sister to enjoy her last year and one half of college. 
6. "middle" sister to continue making leaps and bounds in her career.
7. yoga students to be guided in the best way possible.
8. ...more people to practice yoga ... both on and off their mats!

In Gratitude,

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Asana Sunday: Anjaneyasana

English: Low Lunge / Crescent Moon
Sanskrit: Anjaneyasana

The name of this posed is derived from Hanuman, mother of Anajane, so at first he was called "Anjaneya". The pose is called "Cresent Moom" because of the shape of the body when in the asana. There are different expressions of this pose.

The entire body is utilized in this pose - especially the front of the spine. This is a great pose for students to practice prior to building a sequence into crescent lunge - because you learn/teach the alignment first while your back leg "rests" on the floor. I have also practiced this pose with the back toes tucked under in order to stretch the foot and further engage the back leg.

Benefits of Anjaneyasana
1. ...opens the heart, stretches the front line of the body, and possibly increases circulation.
2. ...increases flexibility in the front body.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Loves

Stretch your dollars far with this from Yoga with John's post. Food should be more reasonable, don't you think?

Tree decorating inspiration with paper, brown paper bags: origami stars and brown paper flowers.

Why you shouldn't be the yoga "cookie"...

Continue to give thanks each and every day... Here are some lovely quotes to help inspire.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December!

Happy December!! November flew by, but let's be present shall we ?! 31 days left to go in 2011. So, what are your plans for month 12?

I wish to...

1. Have more Early Morning Dance Parties. This is when we blast 80s music throughout our house when we are getting ready for work and we dance around... It definitely takes the "Manic" out of my Mondays!!

2. Find our Christmas Tree and decorate it with biodegradable, DIY craft projects!! Stay tuned :)

3. Take Anusara yoga classes in Denver... I have only scratched the surface, just barely, but I would like to learn more :)

4. Go snowshoeing before year's end. 

5. Journal not just before but also AFTER all yoga classes I teach.

6. Enjoy every moment that is left of 2011. Live the life I love.


It's Never to Late for a Wedding Gift!

My sister-in-law sent us our wedding gift in the mail (we married about 18 months ago) and we received it today in a monstrous box. Now that she is out of school, I think it was easier for her to purchase something now versus at that time... We are so thankful she gave us such a cool, functional gift!!!

I had no idea what had arrived in the massive box .. All I could think was, what did Justin order ? I thought it was some sort of piece of technology!

When I returned home from teaching, I saw J had opened the box and there sat a wrapping-paper wrapped box with a pretty bow!! And that's when I learned this was a gift from his sister... So, we opened box after box after box and in the final box, we found something Justin (and I think me ;) have "wanted" for a while... A Viking Professional Series Mixer.. Hooray!! :)

Time to make pizza dough, bake, and go nuts in the kitchen!!! 
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