Saturday, December 10, 2011

What do you want for the holidays ?

It's a simple question.
But ... Is there a simple answer?

Just weeks ago many people were frantic to get in line to be the first to buy discounted flat screens... the newest gadgets, clothing on sale... In fact now we have two "holidays" when this occurs: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Our society is filled with the idea that we need things and more things to fill us up. I am convinced this certainly cannot be true, and we do not need to believe this silly notion. It is OK to want to want something for Christmas - nothing wrong with it. But remembering the reason behind WHY we are happy, I don't want this to be forgotten :)

To me, it is the relationships, the people, our families, unique experiences, goals achieved, dreams come true ... this is the stuff, the untouchable "things" that make a happy life.

So, I invite you to ask yourself one more time ... What do you want for Chanukkah or Christmas this year?
Make this your intention for December.. Pray for it, breathe it in... 
I wish for...
1. family and friends to be healthy, happy, and safe.
2. husband to be guided in making the right decision.
3. ...Baci my pup to have a new friend... maybe in 2012, we'll see ?
4. yoga friends to continue to follow their dreams.
5. youngest sister to enjoy her last year and one half of college. 
6. "middle" sister to continue making leaps and bounds in her career.
7. yoga students to be guided in the best way possible.
8. ...more people to practice yoga ... both on and off their mats!

In Gratitude,

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