Saturday, December 31, 2011

Countdown to 2012: Sequins Encouraged

I cannot believe the year is ending in a matter of hours. Can you ?
This year has been full of many things... good and bad.
I am ready to leave it behind and leap into 2012 head first, but not without forgetting what I have learned.
I invite you to enjoy these last remaining hours of 2011.
What will you take with you, what will you leave behind ?

I will take with me....
...the love and continuous words of encouragement from my friends and family.
...great memories of my father and uncle who I lost this year. 
...all of the joys brought into this world - all of the friends who have added to their beautiful families this year. found yoga awareness and knowledge, friendships, gratitude, confidence... There will always be so much to learn; and so much to teach. 
...the culture, the memories, the history, the friendships made from my experiences in Israel, Greece, and Turkey.
...gymnastics body awareness... I am loving this practice since I began in the summer. Yoga isn't the only thing or the only way; this new knowledge helps keep my mind open and my body surprised!
...a continuous love of photography... capturing memories and beautiful moments.
...a greater understanding to never judge anyone as we never truly understand what any person is going through.

Whether you are attending a New Year's Eve party full of glitter or staying home with loved ones, enjoying the last hours of 2011 by a glowing fire, allow yourself to sit back and take in all that you have learned, all that you have become in 2011...

Happy New Year with
Light, Love & Gratitude !!

**above photo taken at Busch Gardens, December 2011 by me**

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  1. Love this post Robyn! Hope you guys are having a Happy New Year!


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