Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday Night
Secret Yogi party at mi casa with 9 fellow yoga friends / teachers. I made my brownie pops, we exchanged gifts over yummy food, fine, and lovely conversation... We partied till midnight :) Fun times with really wonderful people.

Saturday Morning
Gymnastics at Qi with the husband and friends... I am becoming more and more comfortable in this class. Still sore, but I love it!!

Saturday Lunch
Pho with Justin and Rokha at our favorite pho place in Denver. It's a Saturday tradition pho sho...

Saturday Afternoon
Free for all... Chilled out after a crazy week!!

Saturday Night
We went to Ashley's (yogi friend) birthday party... Rock Theme... I was channelling my inner Blondie, sans blonde hair! We danced, I drank a total of one half of beer, and we practiced yoga... Good times :)

Worked a bit. Blah... It's nice to be back home now hanging out with my boys before the short work week begins!! 

Hope you had an Amazing weekend,

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