Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December!

Happy December!! November flew by, but let's be present shall we ?! 31 days left to go in 2011. So, what are your plans for month 12?

I wish to...

1. Have more Early Morning Dance Parties. This is when we blast 80s music throughout our house when we are getting ready for work and we dance around... It definitely takes the "Manic" out of my Mondays!!

2. Find our Christmas Tree and decorate it with biodegradable, DIY craft projects!! Stay tuned :)

3. Take Anusara yoga classes in Denver... I have only scratched the surface, just barely, but I would like to learn more :)

4. Go snowshoeing before year's end. 

5. Journal not just before but also AFTER all yoga classes I teach.

6. Enjoy every moment that is left of 2011. Live the life I love.


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