Sunday, December 4, 2011

Asana Sunday: Anjaneyasana

English: Low Lunge / Crescent Moon
Sanskrit: Anjaneyasana

The name of this posed is derived from Hanuman, mother of Anajane, so at first he was called "Anjaneya". The pose is called "Cresent Moom" because of the shape of the body when in the asana. There are different expressions of this pose.

The entire body is utilized in this pose - especially the front of the spine. This is a great pose for students to practice prior to building a sequence into crescent lunge - because you learn/teach the alignment first while your back leg "rests" on the floor. I have also practiced this pose with the back toes tucked under in order to stretch the foot and further engage the back leg.

Benefits of Anjaneyasana
1. ...opens the heart, stretches the front line of the body, and possibly increases circulation.
2. ...increases flexibility in the front body.

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