Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Imagination Never Sits Still...

 The above article is one everyone should read... In short, in order to innovate, we must collaborate. And the spaces we work in should allow us to do this.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday, Monday

DIY Pinterest Love, by Me.

It has been a pretty crazy past 10 days or so... but things are finally seeming to come together again. I really do not like to use the word "normal" as in "coming back to normal" because what is "normal" anyway ?!

We have a lot going on this week... Some of which I need to just hush about for the moment!!

I am super psyched for the Bryan Kest master class workshop tomorrow at Qi. He is the king of power yoga, and we are going to be working with him from 6-9 tomorrow eve... Yay!!

I taught this weekend - Saturday and Sunday and teach again this coming Thursday :) I am still a new teacher, but I am learning so much from my students' bodies - their movement and from my teaching strategies - their movement in relation to my cues. The wonderful thing about being a teacher is that you are always a student of the practice and you are always learning every moment. Truly... Chataranga Dandasana and plank have become increasingly NEW to me these past few weeks after a few adjustments here and there.

Hmm... Maybe there is a theme there: Finding something new in the ordinary.

Have a great week!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Ponderings

Wow it has been a crazy week!! Thankfully it was followed by a super relaxing, no strings attached weekend!! J was in Atlanta for the Tough Mudder and I held down the fort... cooking, cleaning, hanging with Baci, relaxing, practicing yoga... :) Yesterday, I had an hair appointment with Dana who I completed teacher training with... I am loving the outcome - a darker shade with random hints of warmer, lighter color pops!! All good stuff and very natural looking - just richer in tone :) I also went to a mini spa night with Meg, her mom, and sister. We used all-natural exfoliators, facial steam bath, (2) masks... one was honey based the other cacao based! The cacao one LOOKED like pudding and actually had to be refrigerated. All of the products are edible, just in case... LOL. We finished with a toner and moisturizer; my skin still feels so amazing...  I truly believe: You have to be good to yourself always and treat yourself sometimes :)

I have been trying to make a few fun dinners a week - lately the *fun* dinners have been on the weekends!! Last weekend, it was a Sweet Potato Kale Pizza from Two Peas and their Pod. I used ready-made dough from Sunflower Market ... AMAZING!! I will definitely be buying it again when quick, creative pizzas are on the menu again :)

Today, Chinese Curry Chicken is in the Slow Cooker via Full Bellies, Happy Kids, whose author has actually relocated to a new blog. It's currently cooking and making the house smell absolutely delish!! We have been loving homemade Asian food these days!

Ever since I began the QuickShape Challenge, I have been thinking more about why I am eating what I am eating .... I try to determine the benefits and outweigh the positive and negative sides to food/drink I am investing in and trusting in .... Everything we place in our bodies becomes a part of us, a part of our health; aren't you interested in food's effects on your body ?
I have read quite a bit in regards to curry and its benefits. It is an immunity booster, asthma combator, and it actually aids in easing joint swelling... Read more about curry's health benefits here.
Red onions are one of the foods I seem to be putting into everything I cook these days...And they are such a beautiful vegetable! I adore chopping them except for some of the tears that arise!! Then I find myself sticking my head in the freezer to relieve my eyes... J taught me this! Red onions contain the flavonal Quercetin which helps keep your memory in shape.. Love this :)
I also found that you should try to keep the outermost layers of the onions you chop in the meal, as these layers are most rich in flavonoids. Read more regarding red onion health benefits here.

J returns from ATL this afternoon, so I want dinner to be ready to go whenever he walks in the door... :) I will leave you with a photo I took of Baci this week... 

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snowpocalypse Happenings

We received about 18-24" in snow in Denver over the last two days... Now, the sun is shining, and we are happy to say we are OK. The world hasn't frozen over, the zombies didn't come, and it's actually warming up a bit. Phew!!

I went in to work yesterday for half the day (1-5) just to skip off on all of the crazy weather on the roads in the morning... It was still a bit treacherous getting to the office, but barely any cars on the road, which made me breathe easier...

Today, we had a lazy morning. Justin got a massage in the Highlands; I have been reading Nicole Krauss's The History of Love. I took Baci on a nice long walk through snow, tiny streams of icy water, and pretty clear sidewalks (Thank you, neighbors ;)

This evening I am heading to a level 2 yoga class with a friend and possibly dinner and drinks afterwards. Pretty low key, but that's my style this weekend and I like it!
Tomorrow I am teaching yoga and later on we are heading to a friend's for a Super Bowl party. I really don't care much about the Super Bowl, but hey, I am happy to go to a party!! :) Cheers.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Here is some lovely things I have seen this week that make me smile!

1. (20) Things to Start Doing in Your Relationships (We are always improving, right?)
2. Gorgeous Imagery of Costa Rica and the use of the word "JOY-SEEK"
3. Paint Hangers in your Living Space... A Rotating Art Gallery perhaps ?!
4. Fenny Ganatra's Bounce Chair is Pure Fun.
5. Pinchamayurasana forearm balance ... Really just dabbling in the beginnings of this pose... I have tight shoulders and this pose really opens them up! Check out this article about falling down and getting back up :)

Above photograph from here.
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