Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snowpocalypse Happenings

We received about 18-24" in snow in Denver over the last two days... Now, the sun is shining, and we are happy to say we are OK. The world hasn't frozen over, the zombies didn't come, and it's actually warming up a bit. Phew!!

I went in to work yesterday for half the day (1-5) just to skip off on all of the crazy weather on the roads in the morning... It was still a bit treacherous getting to the office, but barely any cars on the road, which made me breathe easier...

Today, we had a lazy morning. Justin got a massage in the Highlands; I have been reading Nicole Krauss's The History of Love. I took Baci on a nice long walk through snow, tiny streams of icy water, and pretty clear sidewalks (Thank you, neighbors ;)

This evening I am heading to a level 2 yoga class with a friend and possibly dinner and drinks afterwards. Pretty low key, but that's my style this weekend and I like it!
Tomorrow I am teaching yoga and later on we are heading to a friend's for a Super Bowl party. I really don't care much about the Super Bowl, but hey, I am happy to go to a party!! :) Cheers.


  1. We sure did!! An inch or two more tonight if you can believe it ;)


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