Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Run Run Run

I was researching races in the the North Florida area this morning and came across the 2012 Tom Walker Memorial Half Marathon! This one is in Gainesville, December 1st!! This is pretty perfect timing-wise because it is officially 16 weeks until race day, and I really need 12 weeks to train. Now I have more time to build my strength, speed, and endurance for this one without worrying too much about time.

Another positive on this race - it is an out and back on Hawthorne Trail. No car fumes around to mess with my running!!! :) I also found that the cost of the race is wonderful compared to past halfs which have cost close to $100! Race is anywhere from $25-$35!! AWESOME!

This will be my third half marathon! So excited to get back into the groove!

Do you have anything you would like to do this fall ... any goals or cool milestones you are wishing to meet?


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