Thursday, August 23, 2012

To Sugar Snap Peas and New Surroundings!

After being in Gainesville for about 3 weeks, I am currently searching for a full time job and working to stay healthy - eat well, sweat once a day, and read a bunch to keep a healthy brain!!

So, why not update the blog ?!
We are living downtown, just 15 blocks from campus (a 15 minute walk or a less than 10 minute run!) and adjacent to the Hippodrome "the Hipp" theatre, eateries, coffee shops, vintage shops... surrounded lots of neat, eclectic stuff!
We have finally finished unpacking and I am just working on a few projects around the apartment. For the most part, everything is done though, so it is feeling like home more and more each day.
I am terribly missing Colorado!! Definitely thinking about all of the aspens changing color for fall! In order to "replace" that change in season, Justin and I will be in Virginia at the end of September for his 10 year high school reunion. This is best time to see fall in Virginia, so I am super excited! Justin always says that even Colorado didn't show him FALL the way he grew up with it... So, bring it on Virginia!!!

I have really been trying to focus on whole food eating. Non-processed, preservative-free, GMO-free food. Food that is full of loveliness - in its natural form! This morning I have been snacking on raw sugar snap peas!! These are so fun to snack on! They crunch, they are tasty even without adding sodium!! Here are 5 fun blogger recipes I have found with Sugar Snap Peas...
4. Snap Pea and Shrimp Curry Recipe from Eating Well (I would sub the canola oil for Coconut Oil.)


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