Wednesday, December 9, 2009


During these crazy days... the holidays - the deadlines - the traveling... I have learned how essential "me" time is. I have found this time in yoga and in running... but moreso in yoga because of the crazy cold weather we are having! These are the times when I am able to reflect on my week and on my life. Yoga brings me to the present as it should, but it also allows me to just let go. It lifts the weight off my shoulders, and I just breathe in the present.

This practice brings clarity and awareness into my life... I follow my breath and weave it into my movement and the world melts away. My gaze is soft and my body is light yet grounded into the earth. I dedicate my practice to whoever I feel needs a prayer or a little faith in their life. I open up my heart and let it shine. As I gaze out I am really gazing into my own being.

Iparsva Bakasana (Side Crow) has become my favorite pose. When I get it - I am balanced to the point where I know everything is just right for a few moments. This balance is not just a literal form. This balance I am speaking of is "balancing life". Seek out balance in your life - whether it is through yoga or some other form... You will learn that anything is possible! Yoga uplifts me from this crazy depression I fall into during these cold winter days. If you experience this when things start to get dreary and chilly, you probably know what I mean.

I leave my practice out into the cold weather and my heart is warm and I am glowing. The snow can fall. The freezing wind may blow...but my heart is warm and I am glowing.

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