Sunday, October 25, 2009


I ran my first half marathon October 18, 2009 - The Denver Half Marathon in beautiful downtown Denver! I pretty much trained on my own for this race - just kept a running calendar - worked on my mileage and my pace and just kept on running without looking back! This race was a goal I wanted to see if I could achieve on my own... With the help of G-d beside me.

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True Fact: I had never loved running or called myself a "runner" in the past. It was never quite my thing. Sure, I would run 5Ks often for charity and completed my first 10K in May, but I never considered a long distance such as 13.1 miles!!

After fulfilling a couple of major life goals during this past year, I knew I didn't want it to stop. I had spoke with friends who had run half and full marathon distances... They made it sound possible to me, while I had always thought it impossible.

Race day came and I couldn't believe it was my day to run... But that day I ran for so much more than myself.... I ran for my parents, my fiancé, my sisters, my friends who are like family to me.... I ran with G-d, and without him I am not sure if I could have finished. The sunrise was beautiful during the first mile - it calmed me down and allowed me to reflect and to pray and to just take some time out... I learned that I wasn't running for myself; I was running for the world.... If I could do this, then maybe someone else would be intrigued to try and reach their goals... Running isn't always about getting the best pace, finishing first... Running is about the JOURNEY... The Journey you have with yourself, with G-d, with your thoughts...


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