Saturday, October 10, 2009


I discovered a new summer hobby this year. Yes, see above! I absolutely adore it. I discovered it in Jackson, WY... We drove up there to say with a good friend from college who was interning for Teton National Park for the summer.

Besides the backpacking, I also was able to reunite with some college friends which made the trip amazing!! My first roomate in a college (potluck) as well as a good friend from my major. Such sweethearts with big hearts.

My friend we were staying with had two large overnight packs and great hikes planned, so I was psyched.. I have done my share of 14ers in Colorado, but never had I hiked and camped and hiked, etc. We chose the Paintbrush Canyon Trail. We started at 1PM.. pretty late for a 9 mile hike into the Tetons... but we kept on truckin and saw beautiful views and met some nice people. The back country was unreal, so untouched and wild!

We stopped just a few times to get some nourishment and take in all the scenery... It took my breath away!

We were almost to the lake where we would camp for the night, and it was becoming pretty chilly. Soon, it began to hail. But I am talking about Dippin-Dot sized hail and nothing bigger! Thankfully! So, we decided no more stopping. It was already 7PM by then and we needed to get the lake and choose a site!

One new thing about the Tetons that I hadn't experienced in CO were the BEAR CANISTERS we had to carry all of our food in so we didn't lure the bears in. Very interesting addition to our packs... No, we did not get to see any bears this trip....

So back on subject, the hail began to slow down and we were almost at our site. Then. It. Began. To. SNOW! We knew this sort of thing was a possibility for our trip, but it just wasn't one of those things you think REALLY happens. Oh, but it did...

We made yummy pasta on our camping stove that evening after we pitched the tents. We were surrounded by a winter wonderland. Did I mention this happened in AUGUST?!

Needless to say, the hike was insane - in a good way. We woke up to white-powdered everything surrounded by blue skies. I felt like we were living in a snow globe. Then as we set off for more hiking, the sun shined down bright as we entered an open field and we saw one of the most beautiful sights! We were above the clouds...

I ended up purchasing a pack after this trip in the town of Jackson.. How could I not? Backpacking will definitely be a special part of my Spring/Summer next season!! =)

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  1. Ooh, I've never backpacked but it sounds like a ton of fun. This trip looks gorgeous!


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