Sunday, May 2, 2010


This weekend has been filled with dirt, earthworms, flowers, weed control fabric, mulch... It is finally May, and we have began revamping our backyard!! I am ready to find some more blooms, but I need to take it one weekend at a time!! :)  Here are some photos that capture our day.

Placing the mulch over the weed control fabric after planting red and purple blooms.

They might be little now, but they are gonna root down and grow!!

Petunia Hybrid

Zonal Geranium (Pelargonium)

Another "friend" I found in the garden. Where there is earth, there are earthworms.

My little gardening partner in crime...

Herbs on the deck including CHOCOLATE MINT!!

More herbs...




Italian Basil

Lemon Thyme

Gardening Gloves are off...

Our apple tree in bloom. It smells delish!!!

Beneath the apple tree...

Justin checking out our tree.

Apple tree -  pink and white blossoms

Hubby is all smiles after a long afternoon in the yard!!

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  1. the chocolate mint is amazing... i have one too!


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