Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ride On

Today is Justin's Birthday!! Hooray!! I took him out for dinner last night and tonight he is playing dodgeball with his team and then we may grab a drink afterwards :) Gotta love Birthdays!!

On October 22nd, Justin attended VeloSwap, the largest consumer cycle expo!! He returned with some goodies  for his bike. He also came home with a pretty cool surprise!! He bought me a bike!! This isn't just any bike... 

We believe it to be a 1970s-ish bike...'76, maybe ? It's a Schwinn Collegiate 3-speed... Just riding it around makes me feel as though I am back in time.... back into the 70s or something :) And I have the cutest little bell!! LOVE IT!!

We ordered new tires for it as when Justin purchased it, the originals were still on the bike. I cannot wait to take it out for some longer rides to the Highlands!!!

 Schwinn with Existing Tires

My First Ride

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  1. Enjoy the new bike! I know you two will have lots of fun bike rides in your future!


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