Thursday, April 15, 2010


So, I haven't blogged in while and I have good reason (errrr.... excuses) for this behavior. I got married this past weekend!! So, life has been a bit of a whirlwind... A WONDERFUL whirlwind!! It is pretty amazing to see how everything that you have been planning and waiting for comes together. Quite lovely. More wedding talk later when I have my photos to share!!

I have been reading a lot lately (another reason why the blogging has slowed) ? Christopher McDougall's Born to Run is definitely now in my top ten. It digs a bit into history which is something that can make a book a bit of a bore if it is done incorrectly. I have to tell you, the history in this book was quite the opposite for me!! The historical side made me want to KEEP reading and reading until I was done with the book. It was just plain fascinating!! It would be pretty sweet if this was added to a summer reading list for students!!

I also completed Elizabeth Gilbert's Committed, the sequel to Eat Pray Love. Most of the book discussed the notion of marriage and of course the romance between Liz and her man!!! I highly recommend it! I read it the month before I was married and it made things pretty interesting to say the least. Elizabeth was never keen on the idea of marriage... so it was nice to read about her view on the subject! I will not give you any more details - I do not want to spoil this read :)

Chelsea Handler's Are You There Vodka, It's Me Chelsea was my last read and it was nice to read something that was just relaxed and comical!! I found myself laughing out loud a bunch!! The question that I do have about the book (I will sleep tonight if this isn't answered) - is:

Do you believe everything she wrote in her book to be fact ? Being that she is a comedian and she is a storyteller because she is a comedian, I feel as though some of it may be exagerrated. Even though I may feel this way, I loved her book!! She has always made me laugh and that's why you pick up a comedian's book - right ?!

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  1. CONGRATS on the recent nuptials~wedded bliss to you!


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