Sunday, January 2, 2011


I am not one for resolutions but it sure is nice to set some goals every now and then to stay grounded and motivated... The following are goals I have for 2011 and beyond...

1. RUN another Half Marathon... This keeps me motivated and moving!!
2. TRAVEL for our honeymoon or shall we call it an Anniversary-moon ?! St. Lucia is where it's at for now because we want to scuba and relax on a warm beach! Plus, it fits our current budget.
3. CREATE dinner menus every Sunday for the week.
4. SAVE with coupons. Only use coupons to buy things we really need.
5. BUY LESS stuff. Focus on what is around us and what we all ready have.
6. CLIMB more 14ers. One is all ready planned for June! ;)
7. Continue to live life to the FULLEST.


  1. Happy New Year and have fun vacationing! which Half are you planning to run?

  2. Thanks, GD! I am running the Steamboat Half in June! Hope you have a FABULOUS 2011.


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