Sunday, January 2, 2011


I get a really awesome email everyday from PonderCentral giving me a great quote to think about. Here is what I found in my inbox December 31, 2010 and I think it has great meaning for 2011 and beyond..

"In the present moment we have the power to change, to be aware, to choose what we want and to allow our desires to appear. Yes, I said appear. Since all is energy and all possibilities exist in each moment, there is nothing kept from you, nothing you have to create and chase and take. You only need to align with your wealth, and it will appear to you. It is, in fact already here, right now. Your riches, your joy, your health are all here, right now. Why don't you see them, feel them? You are looking at something else. You don't expect it to appear. You are too focused on what you don't have." 

                 Nan Akasha, in "Already Rich" 

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