Monday, August 22, 2011

Good Friends, Yoga, & Squash

This weekend, my best friend Christin and her boyfriend, Mike, came into town to visit. We did a lot of yoga, a lot of walking, and lots of site seeing! Christin and Mike and the hubs attended my first yoga class ever - part of my Seva project - at Qi Edgewater. This was incredibly exciting and comforting to have them in town for this first-time type of weekend.

For my first class, I had my students donate oatmeal to the charity of my choice. I had 8 friends attend the event, and I was super psyched about this because the studio was truly filled!! Being my first class, I was most definitely a bit nervous so I went a lot faster than I thought I was going. I ended up teaching class with 20 minutes to spare! Holy Cow!! My friends who attended gave me wonderful criticism that was super helpful for my class I taught this morning. I really enjoyed having my friends as well as fellow teacher-trainers in my class!!

The rest of the weekend, we focused on Colorado beer for Mike and fun times downtown for all. Saturday evening, we walked Lodo and grabbed pizza at Buenos Aires. Later, we ended up meeting Mike's friends at Rock Bottom. From there, we went to Wynkoop and goofed around. Christin ordered a soda and I ordered a Shirley Temple.

Sunday morning, we cooked breakfast and drank coffee as needed! We hiked around the lake by our house with Baci and then walked back to my house to get ready for the Rockies vs. Dodgers game. This game was a lot of fun  - especially went we started walking around (innings 3 and on). Justin ran into a friend and we had a blast checking out the rock pile and just being silly...

Later on, we walked around downtown, took photos, and then decided to head home for a bit of a rest!! We all became super hungry at some point and headed to the Highlands for tons of SUSHI!! I ate as though I had never eaten before and we had a blast :) After returning home, we hung out in the basement and decided to play Dance Dance Revolution. We formed teams and became super competitive - but kept it fun!! What a fun workout!!! After playing till midnight, we called it night...

This morning I woke up thinking "I get to teach today!". Today, I had 3 students and I actually didn't mind it. I made a strong effort to show a lot of the alignment to my students, but I avoided chataranga dandasana as my wrist was feeling a little tender. This time around, I slowed my pace - especially during Sun B. I really allowed the students to inhale their leg high from the inner thigh - to really feel the extension from the inner thigh the to the heel. I themed off of the breath and how we can do ANYTHING we want to do in this world as long as we continue to breathe through it!! I chose this as my theme because during Saturday's class, I didn't feel as though many of the students were breathing or were guiding their bodies with inhales and exhales. From this, I knew I needed to accentuate this essential part of the yoga practice. Class went really well I thought. We ended with a five minute savasanah and I was told my class was 100% improved from Saturday's class!!


Today we goofed around and I took Christin and Mike to Great Divide Brewing Co. for a beer tasting. Before we knew it, it was time to head to the airport!! I miss them all ready - what a blast we have had all weekend :)

This evening.... Justin and I decided it was time to start working with our 6+ huge squash... Justin sauteed veggies while I baked the squash... Summer Squash Bread and Summer Squash Choc Chip Muffins and mini loaves!! We still have more squash to cook - so this week should be super interesting and fun!!


  1. Glad to hear your first couple of classes have been a success! Tell Justin I said hey and keep us posted on what you make with the rest of the squash. I'm intrigued with the muffins!

  2. Thanks Chica!! I will tell Justin hello! He is at a Broncos game with his sister at the moment :) I just got home from teaching, and I am relaxing! The muffins are different but seriously they are yum in the tum!


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