Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beat, Beat, Beat

You know that feeling when you sleep through your alarm?
That feeling when your heart starts beating a mile a minute in your chest?

That's what happened to me this morning.

I was supposed to be at the gym teaching yoga at 6:45AM.
But low and behold, I overslept... By half an hour!!

I freaked.
How is this possible?
I have never missed a morning class to teach EVER.
Threw on whatever clothing could pass for "yoga clothing" and ran out the door to the gym.

I arrived.
Ran in and spoke with the girl at the front desk asking if students had come and if they were still there. She said three people had come and she didn't think they were still around.

I ran to the back studio too be sure and sure enough the room was pitch black.
But wait just a moment, I thought to myself, do I see someone in tree pose in the dark?

Sure enough, somebody was inside!

So, I entered, wondering if I was there on the wrong day and if another teacher was teaching? Nope, it was definitely Thursday!

In the dark, I saw a girl at the front of the room with her mat in front of two others, positioned as though she was probably teaching.

I spoke softly... "Are you teaching class?"
The girl answered "Yes, when I noticed the teacher wasn't here, I decided to try it out."

At first I wanted to take over immediately.
Then I decided I needed to chill out; it wasn't my place.

So, I asked where she was at in teaching and she said balancing poses. I told her to finish her segment so that everyone had completed poses on each side.

While she finished, I went over to the music player and plugged in my i-Phone.

And then I taught the last 30 minutes of class...Drawing the students back in starting with a focus on pranayama and Sun A into a balancing sequence and then onto the floor for
paschimottanasa, janushirasana, supine twist, etc.

In the end, before we said "Namaste" and while we were in seated meditation, I thanked  Christin for teaching in my place and told her she was on the right path if she wanted to teach yoga one day. She did a great job describing tree when I was in the room. I was impressed and thankful that she was able to "help me."

In addition, I also apologized to the students for not being there for them!

I felt like an idiot all morning, but I keep telling myself now...
We are only human.
We are not perfect.
We make mistakes. 
And if it is not our intention to make mistakes...
And we are able to try to right our wrongs...
Then we are that much better in this world! 

Quite honestly I am so grateful Christin was able to teach, and she approached me afterwards and said she has done it for other teachers that have not shown up at all...
Eek! I hate that I have contributed to her list of "no-show yoga instructors!"
She also asked if I was still teaching Saturdays because she likes my teaching style. She is hoping to become a yoga teacher one day... 
I am lucky no one got hurt while she was teaching, etc., etc., or else I would have been responsible.

Here's to being thankful for others...


  1. That's great that she was able to step in until you got there.

  2. OMG what an expirience! Luckily nothing happend and everything turned out all right! I also had some expiriences with over-sleeping (I was at the point where I could sleep through 2 hours of the radio playing!) and then I got fined because I parked on the wrong place hoping to be gone by 9 o'clock))

    BTW thanks for following, I'm following you too!


  3. Great post and YES, we are only human. These things happen! Don't spend too much time dwelling on what happened or what could have happened. I think you handled it very well!

    And so very nice to find your blog!

  4. Such a cute post! Just started following you!

  5. Robyn thank you for sharing! Been there before.... terrifying feeling. SO great that you allowed her to continue and encouraged her rather than showing how much you were freaking out :)

  6. Thank you for your comment and for being my new follower! I'm flattered!:)
    I also follow you now via bloglovin and GFC! :)

    A big kiss from Brazil !;):):)


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