Sunday, December 9, 2012

Where oh where?

2012: Where oh where have you gone?

Justin's sister is getting married next weekend! I am thankful I have the 95 programs printed, just need to fold all of them on Thursday once we get to Auburn! I cannot wait to share the wedding with you here!

We are still obsessing over spaghetti squash! When in doubt, make spaghetti squash for dinner! This is our go-to item when we are about to head out of town and we don't want to waste any food!

I started at a new gym and I love it! Seriously, this place is kicking my asana! I am so sore in my shoulders and back from Friday's intense work out! I am trying to prepare myself for another booty-kicking session tomorrow afternoon! Wish me luck! ;)

I stayed with my grandmother this weekend! One on one girl time, family is truly the most precious thing! All of the stories we share, it makes my heart melt thinking about our fun conversations!

Holiday Blog Swap update! I have been paired with Kira from Rain or Shine and will be sending her gift out tomorrow during lunch! Cannot wait to see what she thinks ;)

We are halfway through our 50+ holiday card addressing/writing in this moment! Hopefully to finish them all by tomorrow night at the very latest! Justin is stuffing and licking envelopes; we have a great assembly line working here!

My sister, Diana, leaves for Israel tomorrow, while Nicole, my youngest sister, leaves towards the end of this week. Sooo incredibly excited for them both. Please pray with me that they will be safe and sound in the beautiful country that is Israel!

Back to holiday card writing...
Have a fantastic week, my friends.

*Above photograph taken while heading down to my grandmother's house in South Florida.

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