Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Before + After. Lighting DIY

I really love Moooi. Especially their Random Light...
kind of sexy advertisement on their site, haha!
 Cool, cool light... But at a cost! About $642....
I found this DIY pendant project and knew I had to try it! The photos
really do not do it justice. It really makes an unbelievable 
difference in our space! We used to have a gold chain fixture
with a plastic-like lense that would glow very yellow. (We still
have it, it is the apartment complex's...)
 We purchased a new stem/wire entirely for this project just
to modernize the dining space just a bit! I will post detail
shots later. Also, I know the art looks really tiny on the
wall, and I will update it eventually! Have a good one!!


  1. It looks awesome! A huge improvement.

  2. pssh, forget $600+, your DIY looks amazing!

  3. Looking at the photo, it looks like you grabbed the full moon and hung it at the center of your dining table! Where are the stars? It really did made a big change to the look and “feel” of the room. Good idea!

    -Allison Shallenberger


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