Monday, February 4, 2013

February Resolution Review

Each month I would like to revisit my resolutions and goals set in January
only to make sure my actions are aligned with everything I want to achieve.
So, here goes the February review!!

My goals for this year are divided into serious AND fun sections.
Sometimes, resolutions can be sooo serious. I am over that idea.
Quite honestly, I believe my resolutions could be even more
exciting, I have all year to add on as needed, right?!

In regards to my career, I accepted a new full-time job 
and I am loving it so far. Before getting the offer, I was
lucky to have time to shadow two different careers of interest.
I have not volunteered, and I am hoping to find some opportunities
as soon as possible! I am now teaching (4) regularly scheduled yoga
classes per week, so that goal is currently being met. I also need to
apply to UF here in the next few weeks! Eeeeeee!

Career-Related Resolutions
1. Job shadow and observe professions I am interested in.
2. Volunteer at Shands Hospital in the Arts and Medicine program.
3. Teach four or more yoga classes per week.
4. Apply to University of Florida (and be accepted!)

On to the fun! Justin and I have been discussing a trip to
Cedar Key on the Gulf Coast, so he is helping me keep
this "dream" alive! I still need to take class at Sanctuary, but
my schedule just hasn't meshed with theirs quite yet. I
have not even begun to think about language. Do YOU
have any thoughts on this one?! ;) Last week, I purchased plane
tickets for my Costa Rica retreat!! I am almost paid in full
for the lodging (about $250 to go). I cannot wait!
Two weeks ago, I took Justin to the Palm Beach Opera
at the Kravis Center down south. La Traviata was
amazing. We both loved it!! Needless to say, I was
definitely surprised that we loved it so much!!
Dinner party- I need to tackle this one in the coming

Fun Resolutions
1. Beach weekend in Cedar Key
2. Family girls weekend in St. Pete/Tampa
3. Take a yoga class at Sanctuary Yoga
4. Learn conversational French or another language
5. Yoga retreat in Costa Rica (Flight tickets purchased!)
6. Attend the opera
7. Have a dinner party

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  1. It sounds like you are off to a good start with your goals for the year!


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