Monday, October 31, 2011


The past week leading up to Halloween has been an interesting one!! Denver got about 12 inches of snow on Wednesday...It was kind of strange because all of the trees still had their leaves. Driving all over town, I saw many tree limbs down and some neighborhoods were without power for 24 hours plus!! Everyone was hypothesizing so many limbs were down because the trees were heavier than normal, still holding their leaves... Oh, Denver.

But as the week progressed, it became increasingly warmer - just in time for Halloweekend!!

We went out Friday night to Justin's friend's party in Wash Park and didn't stay out too late, knowing that we had another party to attend the following evening. Saturday morning, we grabbed our usual Pho and chit chatted about the upcoming evening and the night before. I made it to the gym for some cardio and arm balances... The gym is OK but I would really rather just go to Qi! ;)

Saturday night was an absolute blast. We all got ready at our house .. curling hair, applying makeup - including freckles and stars on our cheeks!! Sparkle hairspray and blue hairspray (Justin only) were also part of the picture... We dressed up as Rainbow Bright and the Color Kids (all of her friends). I was dressed as Patty O'Green who is the character who is responsible for all things green on the planet. My "homemade" costume was cute, though next year I will probably go as a character that is more recognizable!! Group costumes are the best, though!!

It was quite fabulous seeing friends I hadn't seen since the summertime... Especially in costume!! Halloween has to be one of my favorite holidays.. dressing up is the best!

Today, I loaded up with liquids before heading to Qi for a Qi Kettle-Barre Master Class - {2} hours of booty-kicking with Kettle Bells and Barre work!! Holy Moly! I am so psyched for this new program!! The program was super cardiovascular, just the ingredient I have been missing in my workouts!! Whoo-hoo! :) And it is such perfect timing to launch before the holidays... Let's shock our bodies more than ever as it gets colder and we eat sweeter things!!

Speaking of food, I made a silly goal today (and I only say "silly" because of my cheese obsession)... But I have decided to stick with it. I resolved that I would eat no more pizza for the remainder of the 2011 calendar year. Pizza is such an easy thing to look to when we don't feel like cooking... But Pizza no more... I need to eat more greens, more fruit, and less greasy, fatty foods. Homemade cooking is where it's at!

Night 1 - Patty O'Green + Rainbow Bright

Night 2 - Patty + Cleopatra

Buddy Blue, Hamburglar, + Rainbow

Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, + Patty

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