Saturday, October 22, 2011

Squares and Ovals

Today was a successful day.. Even though it feels like a lazy Saturday when it is all said and done; I still feel somewhat productive. I needed THIS day to catch up on sleep! The last day I have slept in past 6AM had definitely been forgotten until today. Gotta love Saturdays!!
I pulled together my Halloween costume and ate pho with a friend our favorite pho place... They definitely know us as typical customers these days.. I just seem to crave it every Saturday morning... Thankfully, it is a healthy thing to crave!!

After pho, we went to the Spirit Halloween store to check for costume accessories... I found green and white-striped tights and green hair spray... Later, we headed to Target where I found the perfect green skirt...Well, Catrina found it... (kid's section, but it works and it was cheap!) I also found 15 glow stick bracelets for $1 in the dollar section. Love it!! 

I ended up stopping in Hobby Lobby, shocker, I know! I needed 6-square frames for photos I had ordered for our living room. I have a clear obsession with square photos... They are so unique and really capture photos differently from your everyday, typical 5x7 print. Most of the photos I take these days are square .... They are just more fun! Below is some inspiration for the Square... Be sure to check out Ritz Pix - they offer a few size options in square prints... I am so very excited for my 12x12 prints!!
HL was a good stop as I also needed to make a new wreath for our front door to celebrate the fall season - the spring/summer wreath just wasn't doing it anymore. So, I bought a few items to make a quick "Fall" wreath and walala. It is now "Fall" at the May household!!

I am off to continue reading Carlos Ruiz Safon's The Shadow of the Wind...Thus far, this is quite a thrilling book selected for our Book Club this month... Halloween-related of course :)

Tomorrow, we are off to start workout "55"... 1 squat, 54 push-ups. 2 squats 53 pushups. 3 squats 54 pushups........ 54 squats, 1 -push-up. After that, if I am still able to walk, we are completing some running drills... Should be interesting ;)

In the afternoon we are finding the perfect pumpkin at the pumpkin patch and running through corn mazes :)

EnJOY your weekend!

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  1. Workout "55" looks brutal! I love square frames too!


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