Saturday, May 14, 2011


What is up with the Colorado weather ? The month of MAY has been quite strange... Warm, sunshiny days and now this cold 40 degree stuff that I thought we were done with for a while ??? I guess I need to be thankful we are not experiencing severe weather  / flooding as the south has been seeing over the past couple of weeks.

I completed a 10 mile hike last weekend with my pup in Greenland, CO with great views of Pike's Peak... There were many mountain bikers on the trail... I might have been one of two walking that whole afternoon!!

Last weekend I worked on another painting - acrylic and yarn... I bought a few more different sizes of canvas for more works I hope to begin next weekend after the deadlines wrap up for the week!

Last night after dinner, we went over to Three Dogs and then Elm Street on Colfax. It was a pretty fun night; it was much needed after this LONG week!! We grabbed some Phở this morning and I am about to head to a { yoga } posture workshop at Qi this afternoon. Should be good times!! 

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Our weather has been all out of whack here too. Fingers crossed that maybe this means we will have an unusually cool summer!


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