Saturday, May 7, 2011

Moab - Spring 2011

A few weeks ago, a large group of us road tripped it to Moab, Utah. We camped in the true desert as most camping spots were too small for our group and many were all ready taken because of Jeep Safari weekend. The weather was pretty perfect although at night it got a bit chilly... But we always had a camp fire burning and music blasting and lots of friends all around - so we didn't really notice the weather change!

I was told to buy a harness for the trip as we would be doing some rock climbing and rappelling. I really had no idea what I was in for, but I bought the harness and was excited to try something new, exciting, and kind of risky I came to learn. But that's what adventure is all about, right ??

The first full day in Moab we looked for a camping spot - but we met new friends and hung out in the mean time - so, this wasn't so bad. I had Baci along with us for the weekend - so that was an adventure all its own and another thing to keep me occupied and take care of!! But I am so glad we brought him, he had a blast I think.

Later, when the rest of the crew showed up at our desert camping spot, we piled into trucks and made our way to Wall Street. One of the guys lead climbed and set up our climb. I borrowed a friend's shoes, as I learned how important shoes are for climbing - they are everything!!! Justin did a wonderful job climbing! He has super long strides and made it up without a problem; I was pretty proud of him! When it came to be my turn, I put on Sarah's shoes and was told to "go." Easier said than done! For me, this was a lesson in body alignment - for climbing. I learned that my booty needs to stick back and I need not be so close to the mountain!! I think my muscle memory from dance was creeping up on me, because my hips wants to be above my knees. But I learned this does not get you anywhere - where is the power in your thighs ? How was I to go up if I was standing straight as a board against the mountain ?!

I made up further than I thought I would and knew that I wanted to get the body positioning sooner rather than later! The following weekend, Justin and I ventured to Rockn and Jammin in Centennial to take a beginners class. We passed and then climbed on our own - Justin and I switched off being the climber and the belayer. Taking this class allowed us to understand all of the ESSENTIAL safety precautions, knots.... This was so helpful and I cannot wait to go back!!

Back to Moab...

That evening we made a fire, cooked dinner, ate s'mores and just hung out!! I tried a friend's beer from The Moab Brewery and made it a point to remember to buy a growler for Justin and I to share for the following evening...

The next day (Saturday) we ventured to Negroville Park (I need to double check the name). We hiked for a while and took some pretty neat pictures in narrow areas of rock formations. Moab was absolutely gorgeous!! Our hike would lead us to two locations where the group would be rappelling down two different cliffs. The first was down through a cave-like formation and the second was off an arch. I kind of freaked out here, so I decided to be belayed down... Next time I return, I want to do it right and rappel, but I know I made the right decision if I was that worried about it!!

After the 2 rappels, which was much much later as there were about 14 of us rappeling each time on one rope, we were among beautiful fauna. I wondered if this really was a desert because it was SO green! During that weekend, it was super cold and gray in Denver, so this was a nice treat for all of us!

I am hoping to camp at least 3 or 4 more times this spring/summer. It is such a blast; every time I do it, I want to do it even more often :)

Happy Weekend!

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  1. sounds like a blast. I repelled a few times off the sheer granite faces at Arcadia National Park in Maine. Stepping off the cliff is so freaky total mind game much safer than it looks! I


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