Sunday, July 29, 2012


Sorry, for the lack of posts but the Mays are keeping very busy!

We are preparing for our move to Florida (this Thursday AM) and we have been packing, partying, saying our goodbyes, and working out a bunch, too!! I have been hiking, hitting up Qi classes, lunching, and of course... the dreaded packing!!!

The positive thing about packing though is that it forces you to go through all of your things and shed what you no longer need. Literally, a weight off your shoulders. I got rid of a bunch of clothing and accessories. My friend's sister was able to take a lot of it for college! She took a lot of my clothes, a sandwich maker, and tomorrow she will be coming to pick up our basement couches, small TV, and TV Stand. Everything else is going to Salvation Army!

Our last few days in Denver have been going very well. I picked up two more yoga classes since my last post - Qi Edgewater Friday 4:30PM and Qi City Park Monday 9:30AM! So technically, my last class is now Monday!! I love it!!

I will be posting on our last few days in Denver through photos in the coming days!! So, be sure to look for that!

I need to get back to packing and a thunderstorm is rolling in, so I am psyched :)
Have a wonderful evening!!

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