Sunday, July 22, 2012

Last Yoga Class in Colorado [Teaching]

My last class teaching at Qi Edgewater was a wonderful way to end my yoga instruction in Denver. 20 students and every one of them really put their all into PRACTICING PATIENCE with me this evening!!

Really though, "end" is not the correct word to use on this yoga path, because I have learned SO much over the past year in my yoga education at Qi. This knowledge is invaluable; I will continue to study and deepen my own practice in order to share my knowledge with my students in Florida!!

I hope to deepen my understanding of the body -
1. The opposing muscles working in each pose...
2. The relationship the body systems (digestive, nervous, etc.) have with asana...
3. The benefits of every asana I teach...
And so much more :)

I will never stop learning, for this is how I am growing and teaching others to grow!

There is always a chance I could sub a class in the next week or so before I go... So bittersweet!
Have a great evening everyone!

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