Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Friday.

1. What I'm Reading... The Butterfly Forest by Tom Lowe. Reading this because my husband read it and loved it. It is a mystery/thriller that actually takes place in Gainesville, Florida.

2. What I'm Eating... Tonight we had takeout thai from Bento Cafe - I had the Basil Bento: udon noodles with veggies and beef! Absolutely delish!

3. What I'm listening to... Jazz Music! Heard some great tunes today in a friend's car; I'll share a specific artist and song next week. I am also enjoying hearing Justin practice on his guitar. He sounds so much better than I did when I first began on the violin! I am so proud of him.

4. What I'm Excited about... Teaching as a Group Fitness Instructor {yoga} starting next week at University of Florida. This weekend I am going to compile a rough week by week recipe for flows I will be teaching that build each week!

5. What I'm Watching... College football bowl games! I have no words for the UF vs. Louisville game that was on Wednesday night....

6. Recipe I have Bookmarked... Limonana...A treat that originated in Israel, one of my favorite places I have visited to date!

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