Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yoga Ponderings

I prepared for a good part of the morning
for the yoga class I taught this evening at 9:30pm.
The class is taught so late because it is a slot
at a university rec center.
The goal was to teach the students a class that
was much more challenging and invigorating
than last week's sequencing...

Tonight was definitely a success!

I learned that I needed to revisit a practice that
included a more intermediate flow and asana
sequence. This is the kind of yoga that is
so difficult for the body... that it actually clears
the mind! 
You are unable to think about anything else.
I have missed classes like the one I taught,
for months now!!
And I am so excited to keep the momentum
going in my class offerings this semester!

I received wonderful feedback from
students tonight, and I am eager to keep
with the challenge of bringing my students
the yoga that they love each and every class...
A yoga that challenges, invigorates, and surrenders
the mind and the body...

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