Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yoga Saturday

Life happens in cycles.
We have our ups, our downs.
We have our good days, our bad days.
There is one cycle, one part of our life though
that we can always on.
What is it?
Our breath!
This morning I had my students focus on
the rise and fall of their breath. This is
the focus because this matters so much
more than the asanas, the poses.
Our breath is our source of life.
Without it, we are lifeless.
Focussing on your breath during
the good and the bad in your day to
day helps you gauge how you are handling
a situation. Taking a deep breath before answering
a difficult question whether you are in an
interview or speaking with a loved one...
Breath allows us a moment to think,
to breathe, to feel, to decide...
If you focus on anything in your
practice today, maybe choose to focus
on your breath - the rise, the fall, and
just how lucky you are to be breathing
here on this beautiful Earth!


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