Thursday, January 3, 2013

Transitions and Resolutions

Last photograph of 2012...

First photograph of 2013...

Talk about transition time!
I have a couple of job shadows/observations coming up this month
as well as an interview tomorrow afternoon.

This evening I will be working on a pendant light DIY
project to replace the icky gold/clear one in our dining area.

Here are a few career-related resolutions for 2013...
1. Job shadow and observe professions I am interested in.
2. Volunteer at Shands Hospital in the Arts and Medicine program.
3. Teach four or more yoga classes per week.
4. Apply to University of Florida (and be accepted!)

And now to the fun stuff!
1. Beach weekend in Cedar Key
2. Family girls weekend in St. Pete/Tampa
3. Take a yoga class at Sanctuary Yoga
4. Learn conversational French or another language
5. Yoga retreat in Costa Rica
6. Attend the opera
7. Have a dinner party


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